Hiihtäjä kaamosmaisemassa Lapissa

International Activities

International operations and co-operation are a natural part of everyday life at Vocational College Lappia. Students, teachers, and other experts from abroad bring an international touch to learning in the vocational college and to the local working life in the North.​


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An important objective of international activities in Lappia is to offer the students and staff possibilities to experience working and studying in international environments and project work. The aim is to provide the students and staff with the skills they need to meet the requirements of an international study and working environment both in Finland and abroad.

Lappia is a participant in many international projects and a member in versatile networks enhancing cooperation in internationality. You can get information on the international activities from the contact persons.


The e-mail addresses are written as follows: firstname.lastname(at)lappia.fi

International Officer
Ms. Marja-Liisa Tyystälä
Tel. +358 40 717 1583
Apprenticeship Training
Ms. Mirja Anttila
+358 40 574 8351
Social and Health Care
Mr. Heikki Alatalo
+358 50 310 9475
Technology Studies, Tornio
Mr. Rainer Kettunen
Tel. +358 40 565 9444
Communications Department
Ms. Eija Hiukka
+358 50 310 9259
Nature Studies/Muonio Unit
Ms. Pauliina Myllylä
+358 40 777 7604
Business Studies
Ms. Outi Pelttari
+358 40 519 1479
Muonio Unit
Ms. Riitta Pistokoski
+358 50 461 1337
Bakery Studies
Ms. Kristiina Pääkkö
+358 50 310 9317
Culture Studies
Ms. Anne Tryyki
+358 50 461 1227
Technology Studies/Kemi Unit
Ms. Denice Hohtari
+358 40 563 3890
Immigration Coordinator
Ms. Ellinoora Köpman
+358 40 685 2402