Kanada-verkoston asiantuntijavaihto toi kanadalaiset opettajat jälleen opetuskiertueelle Suomeen

​Tänä syksynä Kanada-verkostoon kuuluvista suomalaisista ammattioppilaitoksista Luksia Lohjalla, Gradia Jyväskylässä, Luovi Oulussa ja Lappian Muonion toimipaikka ovat saaneet asiantuntijavieraikseen Kanadasta hotelli- ja ravintola-alan opettajat Gaetan Tessierin ja Eric Archambaultin. He tulevat Quebeciläisistä École hôtelière de l'Outaouais ja Riviere du Loup, Centre de formation professionnelle –yhteistyöoppilaitoksistamme.

Kanada-verkostossa on mukana seitsemän suomalaista ammatillista oppilaitosta; Kainuun ammattiopisto, Ammattiopisto Lappia, ammattiopisto Luovi, Luksia, Sataedu, Gradia sekä Turun ammatti-instituutti.

Kanada-verkoston toiminnan tavoitteena on:

  • toimivan oppilaitosverkoston toiminnan kehittäminen ja syventäminen Suomen ja Kanadan kesken
  • perehtyminen kanadalaisten oppilaitosten hyviin käytäntöihin
  • asiantuntija- ja opiskelijaliikkuvuuden toteuttaminen
  • kotikansainvälisyyden edistäminen

Keittiömestari/opettaja Gaetan Tessier kertoo tämän syksyisen opetuskiertueen tavoitteista ja tunnelmista

“This year we will visit vocational colleges in Lohja, Jyväskylä, Muonio and Oulu. We are hoping to exchange experiences with the staff, to learn about traditions. In Luksia, the baker showed us how to make different rye breads and told about the importance of rye bread for Finnish people. At the same time, we taught bakers how to make chocolate.
I like my experience in Muonio with Lappia´s local teacher Sini Viinikka. Because it was a challenge to have a group as Sini with different needs from each student: needs in math’s, needs assistance permanently, plus many different nationalities as Mongolia, China, Thailand........

We will tell the students, that they have a chance to travel abroad and meet chef from another country, geography and languages. They have the chance to work with professionals and learn new products and new techniques. When the students leave for student exchange, they have the courage to step into the unknown.

Arriving in Muonio we felt more like in a little family. It was not just cooking students who knew that we were in Muonio unit but all the school knew about us. We appreciate mostly the teachers who take time to make us feel experiences in Lapland - the ice fishing with shaman and the Nordic walk in the National park.

What is nice that the people in every location want that we have the best times with them. This time I am happy because the different teams take the opportunity of our presence to make something they are not doing often, for example service on plate or opening a little restaurant.

For the interest of the different team, I think it is better every year. I feel the teams are more prepared for our visits. Therefore, we are treated as stars! Students do not really know about the exchange project. Every time when I am in Finland, I try to connect with the students. I want them to relax and be happy with us. Then they can imagine the possibility to go abroad for the student exchange.

The big reason why I am involved in the exchange program is the possibility I can change a little bit the direction of somebody´s life. This year I met a guy who participated in student exchange in Canada last year. During the trip, he did not participate actively.Then he started to feel a good connection with me. After the exchange period, I received few messages from him during the next months. When he heard about my visit in Finland this year, he asked the possibility to work with me. When I told of him to the Finnish teachers, they gave me the idea that this guy was impossible to do something with him. Therefore, I talked a lot with the young guy and I tried to show him theimportance of a diploma. I told him that I believe in him and he has the talent to be a good chef one day. All the week he was working with one of my knifes from Japan. So when we finished the week, I took this special knife and give it to him. He started to cry. I said to him I was still believing in him.
I don’t know if this will make a change of his life but it is worth trying."

O fell!”

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