Saksalaiset vaihto-opiskelijat työssäoppimassa Kemin metallialalla

Lappian Kemin toimipaikassa metallialalla ovat Erasmus+ -ohjelman kautta opiskelijavaihdossa olleet saksalaiset Marcel Naumann ja Sebastian Weinert.

Kemin tekniikan alojen tiimivastaava Taisto Kuula kertoo, että opiskelijat tulevat Saksasta Chemnitzistä Bildungs-Werkstatt -oppilaitoksesta, jonka kanssa Lappia on tehnyt yhteistyötä jo vuodesta 2009 lähtien.

- Yhteistyön aikana saksalaisia opiskelijoita on ollut metallialalla noin 70 ja vastaavasti meiltä on käynyt opiskelijoita Saksassa lähes 30. Molemmat osapuolet ovat olleet tyytyväisiä Erasmus+ -ohjelman kautta toteutettuihin vaihtoihin. Oppilaitosten toiminta ja yhteistyö sekä opiskelijoiden osaaminen ovat korkealaatuista. Marcel ja Sebastian opiskelevat insinööriksi Mittweidan ammattikorkeakoulussa ja samalla suorittavat toisen asteen ammatillisen tutkinnon. Kemissä he suorittavat toisen asteen tutkintoa Bildungs-Werkstatt -oppilaitoksen kautta.

Kemin metallialan opettaja Arto Södervall toimii Marcel Naumannin ja Sebastian Weinertin ohjaajana työsalissa.

- Opiskelijat saivat tehtäväkseen suunnitella sekä valmistaa hitsauslisäaine-kuivauskaapin ohjausyksikölle telineen. Työ alkoi telineen suunnittelulla ja teknisten dokumenttien valmistuksella. Lopulta opiskelijat maalasivat telineen ja asensivat paikoilleen. Yhteistyö on sujunut oikein mukavasti ja yhdessä vaihto-opiskelijoiden kanssa kaikkien kielitaito on saanut päivitystä. Omat opiskelijamme ovat joutuneet selvittämään mm. ammattikielen sanastoa, kertoo Arto Södervall.


Greetings from Marcel and Sebastian


Hello, our names are Marcel and Sebastian and we’re both 21 years old. We’re two exchange students from Saxony in the east of Germany and glad to be here.

In Germany we’re studying mechanical engineering with the main focus on manufacturing at the University of Applied Science in Mittweida. We are going to start our 4th year there. After that we want the become engineers which is the main goal of our education after we became industrial mechanics. Our university is not that big but this is what makes it comfortable. Also because the teachers really care about you and you’re not just a number as you are in bigger universities. The people there are very nice and it’s no bigger problem to find new people to talk to.

In our opinion the subjects are very practical. Learning by doing is usual as it is in the Ammattiopisto Lappia, too. This is something we appreciated very much during our time here. To build something that we constructed on our own. So we got the exercise to create a table which will be put an oven for welding-sticks. The function of the table is to protect an electronic box with the purpose to control the warmth of the oven. It was fun to do this. The knowledge of our university in Germany was very useful belonging to the task.

Mittweida is a little town near Chemnitz where our education-company “NILES-SIMMONS Industrieanlagen GmbH” and also the “Bildungswerkstatt Chemnitz gGmbH” have their seats. These institutions allowed us to start the “ERASMUS+”-project and supported our journey. It is an interesting experience and a wonderful mixture of meeting new people, talking with them in a non-common language and learning something about their country and tradition. The word that we’ll take back to Germany definitely is “noni”. Greetings to Tuomas from the metal work department J He helped us to cope along with using their machines, to find the needed material and he tried to teach us the Finnish language a little bit.

Also we want to thank the teachers of the metal work department and of the automation as well as Outi, Marja-Liisa and the ladies from the apartment office. They always cared for us in the case that we had a problem. In general we think that finnish people are quite hospitable. Soon our journey ends but we feel as we would have arrived just a few days ago. To sum up our stay in Finland: we’re really happy to have been part of this project and we would not think twice to do it again if we would have the possibility to do so.

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