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Target group/ Admission requirements
Persons who work within tourism or service sector, as well as those who aim to work there but are currently between jobs.

Fill in the application form at (www.te-palvelut.fi -> haussa oleva työvoimakoulutus). If you don’t have the bank ID, you need to verify your application at a TE office before the application date expires. You can track the progress of your application form at www.te-palvelut.fi > Oma asiointi > koulutushakemus.


How to offer well-being, quality of life and nature experiences to people in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.


Training aims at
• Teaching you factors that have an impact on individuals’ well-being
• Making you aware of the multifaceted opportunities of well-being services to different target groups
• Giving you tools to plan and perform customer-oriented activities in natural environments with respect to nature
• Inspiring you to commence further education or entering the labor market in the service or tourism industry

Execution and content
The training combines online learning and independent training. It also includes planning a small-scale tourism event. The duration of the training is 10 days.

Themes/ contents
• Well-being and factors that influence it
• Green Care and wellness services as an element in tourism
• Green power and experiences to customers
• Ethicality, sustainable development, nature preservation
• Looking for nature-oriented environments and methods
• Recognizing the needs of the customers and ensuring safety in natural environments
• Planning and executing animal and nature assisted customer-oriented tourism events

Students will be selected based on an interview and application so we encourage you to fill in the form meticulously. Clarify particularly why you are interested in this course and explain what kind of additional competence you need. The candidates will be invited separately to the entrance interview.


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Ammattiopisto Lappia, teacher Riitta Pistokoski, tel +358 (0)50 461 1337, riitta.pistokoski@lappia.fi

Lappia-Koulutus Oy, Training Coordinator Mirva Petäjämaa, tel. +358 (0)40 705 3184, mirva.petajamaa@lappia.fi

Further information about the application process and about financial benefits available during the course, call Education councelling +358 (0)295 020 702 Mon - Fri 9:00 – 16:15 or write to koulutusneuvonta@te-toimisto.fi. Education councelling is also available on Facebook at


Lappia-Koulutus Oy


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